• Image of MONO/POLY "Killer B's"  [HNR22]
  • Image of MONO/POLY "Killer B's"  [HNR22]
  • Image of MONO/POLY "Killer B's"  [HNR22]

In Spring 2012, producer MONO/POLY self-released a FREE 5-song EP through his website entitled "KILLER B's". These previously-unreleased tracks were raw, unmastered bangers to be digitally unleashed in between 2011's "Manifestations" EP (Brainfeeder) & his forthcoming 2013 full-length opus "Golden Skies" (Rodriguez Lopez Productions).

HIT+RUN longed to give these songs an official home, and have recently collaborated with MONO/POLY to release the "KILLER B's" Deluxe edition (HNR22) available worldwide on Monday, February 25th, 2013. The classic 5-track EP was remastered and supplemented with 7 additional unreleased songs, mostly unearthed from that fruitful period in late 2011.

'Ill Deal' & 'Boxing Gloves' made brief appearances on "The Age Of the Soul" (HNR14), the otherworldly hour-long mix cd crafted exclusively for H+R by MONO/POLY in Fall 2011.

"Crew" is MONO/POLY's stand-out contribution from "Hit+Run Presents: Road Kill Vol. 1" (HNR19), and will also be featured in an upcoming episode of "WORKAHOLICS" on Comedy Central.

Alongside these 5 unreleased gems are two very special and exclusive remixes by Los Angeles luminaries Daedelus and Ras_G. These inventive remixes were created in January 2013, showcasing the ethereal and visionary genius of each producer.

Only 1000 copies of this limited-edition cd were produced, order now and receive a new MONO/POLY two-inch round collectible sticker.

1. All Across The Planet (3:42)
2. The Killers (2:08)
3. Swarm (2:52)
4. Destruction (3:39)
5. Los Angeles (1:50)
6. Crew (2:29)
7. Ill Deal (1:45) *
8. Boxing Gloves (1:30) *
9. Bridge Of Swords (3:25) *
10. In Your Trunk (2:07) *
11. Los Angeles [Ras_G Remix] *
12. Crew [Daedelus Remix] (3:24) *

*Previously Unreleased

All Songs Written by C. Dickerson
Mastered by Jeremy Balliger

PURCHASE THIS ALBUM AS A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: http://thehitandrun.bandcamp.com/album/killer-bs-deluxe-hnr22